Research grantee presents at the 47th Union World Conference on Lung Health

Mr. Sushanta Singha of Jamuna Television, Bangladesh who received the grant from Tobacco Control Research Grant Program of BCCP in 2015 to conduct a research titled ‘Child labor in Bidi Factory: Current Situation and Way Forward’, presented his research findings in the 47th Union World Conference on Lung Health organized on August 26th in Liverpool, UK.

Participants from the USA, UK, China, India and other countries highly appreciated the presentation of research data supplemented by video presentation.

The Chairperson and Discussant of the session, Mr. Ano Johns from Australia and Ms. Mira Aghi from India, who are international tobacco control researchers, commented that this research has important implications for a country like Bangladesh. During the lively Question-answer session, Dr. Ahmed of Maldives was interested to know more about the government initiatives taken to prevent child labor in bidi factories. The Session chair concluded that this research should be presented to the country’s policy makers in order to stop child labor in bidi factories. He suggested further research and follow-up can be done in order to find out more facts and do away with the current vicious circle related to tobacco.