Research Grant Program

The Tobacco Control Policy Research Grant Program is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. Involving capacity-building workshops covering the whole spectrum of the research process, the program has been implemented since 2013 with an emphasis on engaging graduate student researchers. All Bangladeshi graduate students and established researchers aspiring to contribute to tobacco control are eligible to apply for the grant.

The objectives of the program are to:

Build the research capacity, especially of the young researchers of different universities and organizations;

Enhance the local evidence-based on tobacco control in Bangladesh;

Take measures to make the Tobacco Control Research Network (BTCRN) sustainable and continue to serve as a forum for tobacco control researchers to exchange ideas, share research findings, generate new tobacco control research, and utilize their findings.

BCCP and BTCRN organize a Consultative Workshop to Identify the Future Tobacco Control Research Needs in Bangladesh in collaboration with the National Tobacco Control Cell every year. Representatives of relevant government departments, public and private universities, BI partners and grantees, and other organizations working on tobacco control attend the workshop. The outcome of the workshop is utilized to prepare the Call for Proposal for the Research Grant Program. Researchers are encouraged to choose topics related to priority issues of the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use. Proposals generating local evidence that contribute to developing a new policy or strengthening an existing one in line with the components of the World Health Organization’s MPOWER package are recommended.