Research Grant Program

BCCP has a highly experienced and dedicated team with both technical and managerial expertise to manage the grant program. The research team is led by a Senior Deputy Director (Research and Evaluation) and has members representing diverse backgrounds including statisticians, anthropologists, epidemiologists, and sociologists. The team nurtures grantees by providing mentorship in every step of research work, including questionnaire development, data collection, data management, and analysis, developing effective PowerPoint presentations as well as presenting research findings in front of wider audiences, and report writing.

The following mentoring workshops are organized and facilitated for the research grantees:

• Proposal Review Workshop  

• Research Method, Procedure, and Data Collection

• Data Management, Analysis, and Report Writing

• Effective Presentation Development and Facilitation Skills

The team also provides mentorship while the researchers develop manuscripts and recommendations appropriate journals for publication. The team continues to provide mentorship even after the grant period is over.