Assess the Future Tobacco Control Research Needs in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Tobacco Control Research Network (BTCRN) in collaboration with the National Tobacco Control Cell (NTCC) and Bangladesh Center for Communication Programs (BCCP) organizes Consultative Meetings to Identify Future Tobacco Control Research Needs in Bangladesh regularly. The outcomes of the Consultative Meetings utilize, especially, to develop a “Call for Proposal” for the Tobacco Control Policy Research Grant Program. While the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is working to make another law amendment considering several key issues like banning E-cigarette, stopping the sale of single cigarette stick, and eliminating designated smoking area from public places, organizing such consultative meetings were added importance, especially to generate evidence for developing effective policy advocacy programs. In the meeting, a breakout session is being held to identify the future tobacco control research needs in Bangladesh. All the participants divided into three groups to work on the MPOWER components. Group A worked on "M, P" while Group B and Group C worked on "O, W" and "E, R" respectively. After the group work, each group shared their findings in the plenary.