Call for Abstracts for Tobacco Control Research Findings Dissemination Conference

The tobacco epidemic is increasing in low- and middle-income countries where the prevalence of smoking coupled with that of smokeless tobacco use, poses a major public health challenge with serious health and economic impacts - particularly in impoverished communities. The role of tobacco control research in Bangladesh to generate locally relevant data is especially important because of the diversity of culture and current forms of tobacco use.
Bangladesh Center for Communication Programs (BCCP) in collaboration with the Institute for Global Tobacco Control (IGTC) at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, USA has been implementing the Tobacco Control Research Grant Program since 2013 to enhance the research capacity, especially among young researchers, and to generate local evidence base to support tobacco control policy interventions. Bangladesh Tobacco Control Research Network (BTCRN) has also been formed to popularize the tobacco control research in Bangladesh. 
The findings of the Research Grant Program are disseminated through the Research Findings Dissemination Conference being held every year. In addition to sharing the findings of the Research Grant Program, the Conference is going to organize a Poster Presentation Session this year.  
Hence, BTCRN and BCCP are pleased to invite the researchers, academicians, scholars and tobacco control activists to submit abstract(s) on tobacco control research for possible Poster Presentation. 
All abstracts must be in English only and should contain no more than 300 words
Any abstracts/works that are funded by tobacco industry both directly and indirectly will not be accepted. 
Abstract Submission Deadline 
December 20, 2019
Submission Track
1. Monitor tobacco use and prevention policies
2. Protect people from tobacco smoke
3. Offer help to quit tobacco 
4. Warn about the dangers of tobacco
5. Enforce ban on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship
6. Raise taxes on tobacco 
7. Environmental harms of tobacco cultivation, production, and consumption
8. Any best practices on tobacco control 
9. Any other issues of raising awareness against any form of Tobacco use.
Maximum 300 characters typed in lower-case letters, except for abbreviations and study names. Do not include authors, institutions, city names, trademarks and abbreviations in the title.
At the time of abstract submission, the author must select one single track. It is important to carefully select the best matching track as these choices will determine under which area the abstract will be reviewed and graded.
Note that all authors are subjected to make a “Conflict of Interest Statement”. Any abstracts/works that are funded or involved by tobacco industry both directly and indirectly will NOT be accepted.
Authors list
You may enter up to 5 authors in the authors list including the Presenter. Please note that the first author should be the abstract Presenter by default. The names of authors will be published as listed on the submission form. The submitter certifies and warranties to the authority that he/she has permission from all persons he/she enters as co-authors to be listed in this abstract and that they are aware that their names will appear in the Abstract Booklet. 
Please enter your name and the names of co-authors as given in the example below. Start each name with a capital letter and continue in lower case, do not enter names/affiliations all in capital letters.
First Name: Mohammad
2nd Initial:  Z
3rd Initial:   H
Last Name: Chowdhury
The presenting author’s name should be underlined. Contact details including phone number and email address of the presenting author must be given. 
Structure of Abstracts
All abstracts must be submitted in English. Please structure your abstract using the following headings: 
References are not allowed
Funding Acknowledgements
All sources of financial support (including governmental grants) for this research should be listed. All grant funding agency abbreviations should be spelled out. This information will be published.
Reviewing process
All abstracts will be blinded for review by members of the Abstract Review Committee (reviewers). Each reviewer is selected by the Scientific Committee to review abstracts in their tracks that best fits their expertise.
All abstract submitters will be notified by e-mail about the outcome (accepted or not accepted). Please ensure that the e-mail provided is accurate and currently in use, as all correspondences will be sent via email.
Format of Poster
Detailed instructions will be sent to the presenting author on notification of acceptance (Only to the presenting author’s contact e-mail provided in the abstract).
Publication of Abstracts
Abstracts accepted for presentation will be published in the Abstracts Booklet. 
Free onsite registration will be available. There is no provision of scholarship or funds to support for conference attendance.
Conference Venue
To be notified later. 
For more information, please contact 
Mr. Mohammad Shamimul Islam
General Secretary, Bangladesh Tobacco Control Research Network; 
Team Leader, BCCP Tobacco Control Program  
House # 8, Road # 3, Block A, Section 11
Mirpur, Dhaka 
Tel. 9012685
Cell: 01711439451